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Different Shapes For Diamond Engagement Rings


In crude form, diamonds look like mere pieces of ordinary glass. They need to be cut and at the same time, polished to be one of those rare stones that embellish metal jewelry. All diamonds are cut first into standard round shape which is trimmed further to fancy shapes like pearls, hearts and even teardrops. The shape of the diamond known commonly as Cut in register of gold jewellery industry doesn't just add beauty and value to the metal band but it stands to symbolize personality traits.


If you wish to propose to your significant other anytime soon and like to buy diamond engagement ring, you have to know the different shapes of sapphire rings there is.


Number 1. Round Diamonds


Well, the name is pretty self-explanatory. Round shape diamonds are classic cut with regards to gemstone shapes. As a matter of fact, the number of facets will affect the gemstones sparkle and reflect the light. Brilliant and modern cut is one that has 58 facets. Well, coming to its symbolic meaning, its round form stands eternity since there's no certain beginning or end, a concept that's similar to the wedding bands.


Number 2. Oval Diamonds


This is a stylish sibling of conventional round diamonds. Oval shaped diamond resembles an egg. This one has longer form due to its elongated ends. The cuts are creating illusion of a bigger stone. This cut is for women who like traditional stuff but with a touch of creativity and individuality.


Number 3. Pear Shaped Diamonds


Known commonly as tear drop diamonds, it may be referred to as crossbreed between a marquise and oval cut. It has one end pointed and one end rounded. Aside from its feminine shape, this also stands out for its radiance and brilliance. The pear shaped diamonds are symbolizing versatility.


Number 4. Emerald Diamonds


Emerald cuts are known to be a vintage style that's seen these days in circulation. It's either rectangular or square with rounded edges. Apart from its strict lines, it also has a flat surface. It isn't as brilliant as oval or rounded gemstones as it features few facets. Emerald cut is also an old fashioned one that suits best a woman who has a sense of fashion.


Number 5. Princess Cut Diamonds


This is actually a variation of emerald shape. This new and unique form is square in shape and also, features more facets compared to old fashioned emerald and as a result, has a glittery look.